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Join us

@ Heide Spa
Bad Düben, Germany

for this immersive 6-day program to enhance team dynamics, spark openess and innovation, and reinforce the collective pursuit of organizational goals.

picture by Heide Spa

Heide Spa Bad Düben is

a wellness and leisure complex

locacted amidst the serene and peaceful atmosphere of the adjacent Düben Heath Nature Reserve, just one hour outside of Leipzig and two hours south of Berlin.

picture by Heide Spa

Just next door is

a state-of-the-art auditorium

which will house you and your people for learning sessions with ample space and a conducive atmosphere for collaboration, creativity, and deep engagement.

picture by Gisbert Helbing

The next Business Retreat is from October 21 to 26, 2024. 



We provide pick-up and drop-off services from major train stations and airports nearby (Leipzig and Berlin) to ensure accessibility for all participants.

We provide transportation services for evening events and for changes of venue to ensure everyone can move within a similar timeframe.


We take care of all booking-related matters with the hotel including a variety of options to cater to different preferences within the team.

We make sure that all participants can use the spa at any time during opening hours, including the option of an extended lunch break in the spa.


We decide flexibly whether to have meals catered at the venue or to dine out. Catered meals might be more suitable to accommodate various dietary needs efficiently.

If opting for dining out, we secure restaurant reservations and transportation from the hotel and back.


We create a balanced agenda that mixes productive work sessions with team-building activities to ensure there’s enough flexibility to adjust for unforeseen issues like weather.

For activities, we consider whether to keep the group together or break into smaller teams. Smaller groups encourage more personal interaction.


We will provide pre-retreat briefing to share a detailed itinerary with participants ahead of time, including what to pack, transportation details, and what to expect.

We will provide on-site coordination and designate a point person or team for on-site logistics to address any issues that arise and keep the retreat running smoothly.